1,000 zlotys: help!

Who is eligible to receive?

Who is entitled to PLN 1,000 when a child is born in Poland?? The child's parents, guardians (legal, de facto and temporary) are entitled to help. Conditions of receipt: * living with a child and entering Poland directly from the territory of Ukraine from February 24, 2022; * the fact of registration by the commandant of the Polish Border Service institution during border control; * PESEL number of the child and parents; *below 1922 zł family income per person; * stay of a pregnant woman under control from no later than the 10th week of pregnancy until delivery. An application for assistance at birth is submitted within 12 months of the birth of the child. You can apply online using the Empatia system or in person: at the local authority of your place of residence, at social assistance centers at your place of residence; at another place determined by the local authority. The form can be obtained from the office or printed from the website!