A series of educational videos from Google

With the help of the video, Google wants to refute fake news about Ukrainian refugees in Germany and prevent the formation of stereotypes about them.

Disproving misinformation that has already taken root in people's minds is a difficult task, and Google wants to focus on prevention and release educational videos. These videos aim to reach the public before they see fake news, i.e. misinformation. In particular, there is talk of possible reservations regarding Ukrainian refugees.

Such a video program to refute fakes is starting in Germany. The videos will be distributed over the Internet. Until today, the preventive campaign was concentrated only in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Psychologists have also identified several signs of manipulative content. One of them was speech aimed at affecting people emotionally. It will also be seen as suspicious when certain groups are blamed for discontent for which they are not responsible.

So, for example, in one of the videos from the campaign in Eastern Europe, three girlfriends are shown chatting in a pub in the evening. One of them urges the others to leave earlier, as she is afraid of an attack by Ukrainian refugees. The other two reassure their friend and emphasize that most of the refugees are women and small children. They also describe rumors on the Internet as "pure intimidation."