Ahoy, where do you work?

Ukrainian migrants are actively working in the Czech Republic. Let's look at the statistics.

If 68,000 people went to work in June, then by the beginning of winter more than 99,000 people found official work, hooray!! So where and with whom do our compatriots work?? One of the most sought-after professions and current vacancies in the dumpling country is now a worker in the production of spare parts for cars. Why exactly? Because factories of many international brands work in the Czech Republic, because of this there is a wide choice of professions in this area! Which is very good, the robot client offers free housing for its workers. Housing is also provided for the wife and children, but then the husband has to pay for them! But together, how cool! This is a job that does not require knowledge of the Czech language: a vi mlvite? You can earn 21,500-29,300 kuruns (34-46.5 thousand hryvnias) per month.