Aid to Ukrainians in various countries

Since the start of Russia's full-fledged invasion of Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians have fled to other countries. Many countries have welcomed Ukrainians, but social conditions are beginning to change

The country received the greatest number of Ukrainian refugees. The Polish government will discontinue financial assistance to Ukrainian refugees on July 1. There are, however, some exceptions. Certain groups of people will be exempt from the new rule. Large families, pregnant women, and people with disabilities will be able to claim social benefits in the future.

The country believes that four months is sufficient time to adjust and begin looking for work. At the same time, payments of 500 zlotys per month are maintained for each child under the age of 18. You must have a PESEL number, a bank account, and a Polish phone number to qualify for this assistance.

Germany increased benefits for Ukrainians fleeing the war to 449 euros as of June 1. People who have been granted temporary protection must now enroll in the Job Center, an employment center where they will be offered a job. There is also an increased amount of social assistance to those in need, namely:

  • Pregnant women from the 13th week of pregnancy-plus 17 percent of the standard amount of care-are also eligible for increased social assistance.
  • People with disabilities who are able to work—plus 35% of the standard amount of assistance
  • People who require an expensive diet due to medical indications, as requested.

Additional funds may be charged to single parents depending on their additional needs, number of children, and age.

Ukrainians have the right to take language courses-this is tantamount to work, but they should not be missed.

Retirees 67 and older will continue to receive social assistance from city administrations or communities.

It is worth noting that when registering at the Job Center, Ukrainians agree to have their bank and tax information verified. And, if it is discovered that the person received social benefits while also earning money in Ukraine, the assistance will be forced to return.


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Ukrainians with "S" protection status in Switzerland are paid $ 1,600 per month per person.

Ukrainians have the right to work, which they actively pursue. After all, Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, so you won't have to look far for social benefits.

Czech Republic

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Refugees from Ukraine can receive 5,000 kroons per month for five months, but assistance must be submitted monthly. Until the summer, most Ukrainian cities provided free public transportation, but most are now discontinuing it. And, beginning in July, social housing will be paid.

People who have moved from Ukraine to Moldova can receive a monthly cash allowance of 2,200 Moldovan lei, which is 3,630 hryvnias per person. That is, each member of the family can receive this amount separately. Individuals and families from vulnerable groups, on the other hand, are given priority.


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Only one-time assistance of 250 euros per person and a 115-euro food card. Volunteers assist with housing in dorms or with families. The country's public and rail transportation is free.