All about the movie "Schedrik"!

Must see!

Everything you need to know about Shchedryk!! All moments from the history of Ukraine are now very well experienced with reality, so the viewer dissolves in the film as quickly as possible literally from the first minutes after it begins. Of course, there is also a peaceful life here, quarrels over trifles, clashes between families, misunderstandings. But it is precisely such moments that intensify the pain, expectation and despair that comes to the home of the heroes and remains there forever. "Schedryk" was filmed with high quality, and the picture was probably passed through some filter, which makes the movie "old-fashioned", which means it is more atmospheric and authentic. Very carefully selected interior details, clothes, speech, food, customs and a bunch of other important little things. The song "Schedryk" itself is heard often and on any occasion and symbolizes hope for a good future. Perfectly!! "Schedryk" should be seen by every Ukrainian. Because despite all the horrors shown there, this movie offers hope, and it does so with the help of the best and most famous bounty in the world!