Assistance service in Budapest

The support center for Ukrainian refugees of the ecumenical aid service began operating in Budapest.

The institution, located in the VIII district of the capital of Hungary, provides informational, legal, integration and spiritual support, as well as material donations.

Everyone can ask for help. In the institution at the address: Baross utca 28 - employees of the organization help refugees who are temporarily in Hungary and intend to settle here with various humanitarian donations, labor market services, legal consultations, necessary information, organization of public programs.

It was announced that the center will provide material donations (food, hygiene, childcare, clothing) to those in need, as well as integration services for those who want to stay in Hungary.

In addition to access to education and health care, employment promotion and adult learning, the center's staff will help with childcare and language learning. Special attention is paid to unaccompanied minors, the disabled and the elderly.