Changes for refugees in Switzerland

To accommodate refugees proportionately, the Swiss federal government is gradually altering the distribution by cantons

Distribution by cantons

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As of right now, refugees in Switzerland are divided equally among the cantons, i.e. in proportion to population size. Many people sought refuge with family or friends as the war broke out. As a result, certain cantons received an excessively high number of refugees. In the present, the federal government seeks to alter that. Therefore, the cantons that previously accepted fewer refugees than others will receive them first. For families who acquired income before to the establishment of this norm, it is not acknowledged. Consequently, the earlier allotment will not be revoked (only if the refugees themselves do not ask to change their place of residence). Others include living next to or with close family members (parents, grandparents, children), which is another option. If you want to correspond with distant relatives or friends, your request will only be taken into consideration in this situation, provided that the settlement in this canton does not cause an imbalance. The new distribution guideline does not apply to members of vulnerable categories, such as elderly individuals, physically disabled individuals who may have major health issues, or unaccompanied youngsters.