Cross-border movement of food goods within the EU

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A little tautology: What are the most frequently asked questions for today? a few inquiries on typical queries related to border crossing! Stew and spaghetti can be transported, right? stew, as the importation of meat items is forbidden. You also don't have to explain to the customs official that the dragonfly crafted it just for you so you wouldn't go hungry while you're away from home. Pasta may be brought in, but not to exceed 2 kilograms. In addition, the box cannot be harmed!

Can I bring some sandwiches? Here, the regulations are the same as elsewhere: neither meat nor dairy (such as dairy with cheese) are permitted. In reality, such a large amount of food might just go undetected at the border. There have been many instances where sandwiches have crossed the border undetected. It should be noted that this is a violation, though, and that there may be issues at the border in certain situations. Imagine that after spending several hours in line, a customs official spotted your sandwiches and... logically suggested that you return to Ukraine and discard them there. We don't believe you will enjoy it.

Do you think you could import chocolate? Until recently, opinions on items containing chocolate were divided. When crossing the border, it was occasionally stated that one of the ingredients was milk, which is illegal to import. However, it is now clearly stated that chocolate is permitted on the Main Veterinary Inspection website.

As a result, candies may be imported even if their labels do not make it obvious which ingredients are prohibited. We would also like to clarify that since chocolate is only carried by refrigerator during the warm months on EU territory, these inquiries at the border. Fish that has been dried can it be transported? You can, indeed. Up to 20 kg, or one fish if it weighs more than 20 kg, in accordance with the import regulations for fish goods. But what about this tiny detail: the smell your automobile will have during a hot day? I have no wish for your passengers! 

What volume of coffee can be brought across the border? There is now no explicit ban on coffee and it is not recognized as a separate category. But we suggest that you bring up to 2 kilograms! It has no function when crushed or ground. How many cans of food and boxes of cereal you can bring. Once more, components Additionally, if you're looking for cereal, don't assume that European grocery stores don't carry buckwheat or pearl barley. Therefore, the import regulations are not overly complex, but they can make you anxious, and nobody needs that!

This is how we respond to all of your inquiries.