Crossing the western borders of Ukraine

Queues on Ukraine's western border are shrinking, but Poland remains the busiest. Checkpoints in Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania are free

Border crossing schedule

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Due to the large flow of refugees, most border controls have been open 24 hours a day since the beginning of the war. Some of them have now resumed their regular working hours.

The checkpoint with Slovakia at "Mali Selmentsi" is now open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. "Maly Berezny" and "Uzhhorod" continue to operate around the clock.

The border crossing schedule with Hungary has been altered. The "Kosino" crossing is open until 20:00, and the "Dzvinkove" crossing is open until 19:00. "Luzhanka," "Vilok," and "Tisa" are open around the clock.

Refugees heading to Romania can cross the border at any time using the checkpoints at "Porubne," "Dyakovo," and "Solotvino."

Border crossing requirements with the EU

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With a biometric passport, all Ukrainians, without exception, can travel to Slovakia. Furthermore, the country now permits border crossings based on internal Ukrainian identity documents. However, at the checkpoint, you will be required to pass a biometric: fingerprints and a photo.

Hungary accepts Ukrainians who do not have a biometric passport; any other form of identification is required.

Refugees heading to Romania can cross the border at any time using the checkpoints at "Porubne," "Dyakovo," and "Solotvino." If you are traveling to Romania without a biometric, you should declare your intention to seek asylum at the border.

Standard procedure with a biometric passport. All of the countries listed above require a birth certificate for travel with children. Other documents proving family ties will suffice in his absence. Children may cross the border with a parent or close relative. In the presence of documents proving kinship, once again. Parental permission does not need to be notarized.

Let me remind you that there is currently a travel ban in Ukraine for men of military age ranging from 18 to 60 years. Being the sole guardian of a child, having more than three dependent minor children, or having a disabled child are all exceptions. Men whose close relatives were killed or disappeared during an anti-terrorist operation are also permitted to cross the border.

Furthermore, in the Borders section of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine's website, you can monitor queues in real time.