CUAET: program for Ukrainians in Canada

A program for Ukrainians in Canada is called CUAET. Up to three years of legal residency, a work permit, and one-time cash support.

The program grants extended temporary resident status to Ukrainians and their families, enabling them to work, study, and live in Canada until they can safely return home.

CUAET program

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A person may enter the nation temporarily for up to three years under the CUAET (Canada-Ukraine authorisation for emergency travel) program for emergency immigration. As a result, Ukrainians are eligible to apply for a free visitor visa, a work permit, and educational programs.

Who can apply for CUAET?

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  • a resident of Ukraine
  • members of their families (of any nationality), including their spouses, partners in civil unions with Ukrainian citizens, and any dependent children or grandchildren.

In other words, if at least one adult in your family is Ukrainian, then everyone in the family is eligible to apply for the program and the necessary visas.

How to apply for a visa to Canada?

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Although you must physically submit your biometric information (fingerprints and a photo) to one of the immigration centers, you can only apply for the CUAET program online.

You require the following to apply for a legitimate resident permit in Canada:

  • Sign up on the IRCC website;
  • Complete and submit the online form for consideration.
  • Visit one of the Canada visa processing facilities in Poland, Moldova, Romania, Austria, or another country to submit your biometric information (fingerprints, retina scan, and photo).
  • Send the passport via postal mail or go in person to a visa collection location outside of Ukraine to pick up the passport with a visitor visa.

What documents are required?

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  • application for a visa
  • printed verification of the biometrics pass record with a barcode
  • passport
  • if there is a marriage license available
  • birth certificate for anyone under sixteen

How should the questionnaire be completed?

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Only English or French can be used to complete the questionnaire. The success of your visa application also depends on the accuracy and precision of your data entry. A unique questionnaire must be completed for each individual. Even if your child is very young, he must submit this form on his behalf. You must check the box next to "Do you plan to work in Canada?" on the application if you want to be granted a work permit in Canada.

It should be noted that most application fees, including the visa fee, the charge for gathering biometric data, the fee for requesting a work and study permit, and the fee for extending a residence, work, and study permit, have been eliminated for Ukrainian nationals. You may also leave the country without restriction and return at any time with a visa issued under the CUAET program. You are eligible to apply for a residence permit if you plan to stay in Canada for six months or longer.