Demand for Ukrainian-speaking workers!

25 thousand companies.

Starting from August 2022, a peak increase in the demand for Ukrainian-speaking workers in Poland is recorded: this is attributed to the fact that for the period of January - September 2022, more than 10,000 Ukrainian companies were registered in Poland. So, if a few years ago requests from employers for employees with knowledge of the Ukrainian language averaged 200-250 per year, then in the second half of 2022 the amount of requests has already exceeded a thousand. At the same time, over 10,000 Ukrainian companies were registered in Poland for the period from January to September 2022, according to the report of the Polish Economic Institute. In total, there are more than 25,000 companies in Poland, in which at least one of the shareholders is a Ukrainian company, according to data from the Central Accounting Office and information on economic activity in Poland. "According to open sources, the following branches have recently opened in Poland: Nova Poshta, Rosetka, Haski Management. Also announced are the opening of Monobank, ДИЯ.Бизнес, Document, Ukrainian Catholic Institute, GastroFamily Network (Biliy Nalyv, BPSH, Mushlya), restaurants: Chornomorka . , Galya Baluvana, Piana Vishnya, Gaga. Trademarks: Three Bears, Limo, Spell Chocolate, construction company Eurodim/Nova and many others." With the beginning of 2023, the dynamics is increasing.