European Youth Fund!

Announcing a grant competition!

The European Youth Fund (EYF) announces a grant competition to support young people from Ukraine! This is reported on the EYF website. About the contest? In accordance with the decision of the Joint Youth Council of the Council of Europe dated October 12, 2022, the European Youth Fund (EYF) announced a special competition to support young people from Ukraine. It is reported that this initiative meets the current needs expressed by the Ukrainian authorities and stakeholders in the field of youth. The goal of this initiative is to support Ukrainian youth affected by the war and work with youth within the framework of the values of the Council of Europe. The competition is designed for Ukrainian youth organizations or youth organizations in Council of Europe member states that work with Ukrainian youth. Conditions!! Closely!! The organizers inform that the object must: be a youth activity managed by a local, regional or national non-governmental youth organization and involving young people from Ukraine; to be an activity that supports young people from Ukraine affected by the war in their universal lives and rights; to be an activity related to local needs that brings additional value to the lives of young people from Ukraine; follow the basic principles of work with youth, in particular the promotion of intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding, as well as the promotion and protection of human rights and democracy; correspond to the values of the Council of Europe and its priorities in the field of youth !! Avanti, ragazzi!