We are going to Poland!

And such an interesting question: can Ukrainians open a private enterprise in Poland? Let's look carefully! To conduct business in Poland in the form of an IDG (an analogue of a Ukrainian FOP), such citizens of Ukraine and other foreigners from outside the EU need (one of the following):

- have a permanent residence permit;

- have a long-term resident card of the European Union;

- have a temporary residence permit issued in connection with reunification with a family legally residing in Poland;

- have a temporary residence permit issued in connection with studying in Poland;

- have refugee status;

- have a residence permit for humanitarian reasons;

- have a temporary residence permit while married to a Polish citizen living on the territory of Poland;

- have a temporary residence permit for the purpose of running an economic activity, issued on the basis of the continuation of an already existing economic activity on the basis of an entry to the SEIDG;

- have temporary protection in Poland;

- have a valid Pole Card;

- be the husband/wife of an EU citizen/be a direct descendant of an EU citizen or his/her spouse under the age of 21;

- submit an application for a temporary or permanent residence permit until the decision made on the basis of these applications remains final. If a citizen of Ukraine or another foreigner who wants to do business in Poland does not meet any of the above conditions of activity, the form of entrepreneurial activity is limited to the following companies:

- coil with limited liability;

- promotional bundle;

- limited partnership;

- team action association;

- a simple coil is on sale. Let's check and move!