FOP in Germany!

Two types of private entrepreneurs!

Opening your own business in Germany will not take much time. Especially if you know exactly what you want and where. It's okay if you're still looking and gathering information. What are the types of FOP in Germany? FOP is a type of entrepreneurial activity for single businessmen. There are two types of sole traders. 1. Selbstständig or Freiberufler are freelancers, people of liberal professions who work independently and whose income does not exceed 50,000 euros per year. 2. Gewerbetreibende are the so-called artisans, merchants and other representatives of small businesses. This sometimes requires the presence of a "master" certificate for conducting this or that activity. The exact type of your business depends on the tax inspectorate. The decision is made on the basis of the data that the applicant carries in the registration form.