Good news for Ukrainians in Hungary

There will no longer be social inequality in the payment of sick leave between Ukrainian and Hungarian employees going forward.

There will no longer be social unfairness in the payment of sick leave between Ukrainian and Hungarian employees. Previously, Ukrainians with a residency permission or bio passport could only get 15 days of sick time from their work each year because of a statutory flaw. And additional funds that the state was supposed to disburse after 15 days were not obtained because the law calls for a permanent registration rather than a temporary one, like the white card Ukrainians receive.

Although it was incredibly unfair and a lot of people were interested in these problems, you cannot contest the law.

But going forward, the government has decided to treat a Ukrainian's registered residence by the migration office as his PERMANENT RESIDENCE (government decree 246/2022). And as a result, Ukrainians who possess an active insurance card, a residency permit, or a temporary protection order will now be eligible to receive full hospital benefits on par with Hungarians. In other words, 15 days every year from employers, followed by 15 days from the state till recuperation. Of course, you shouldn't misuse this and ignore the fact that working residency permits are given to our countrymen with the responsibility of enhancing the economy, not draining it. Any company is not required to cover your lodging costs if your health issues persist.

With the caveat that it will remain in effect until the resolution declaring a state of emergency due to the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine takes effect, this resolution has only been experimentally issued thus far. We can only hope that these standards of equality in social services will continue after the war since, as they say, "something is better than nothing."

I hope that everyone stays well and that this resolution is never needed.