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Employment in Germany.

Question of the day: Employment in Deutschland? Let's go! In Germany, as in other countries, certain professions are in demand, while other specialists cannot find work. The portal SchengenVisaInfo.com has published data, according to which the greatest need is in the fields of science, technology and health care. Specialists are divided into the following categories depending on the level of qualification: *Experts with higher education (at least 4 years of study); *Highly qualified specialists who studied for at least 2 years; *Specialists with technical education.

*Experts with higher education: with this level of training, Germany is happy to hire: and Latin will help you adapt faster!! *doctors who specialize in internal diseases; *doctors specializing in anesthesiology; *emergency medical doctors; * pharmacists; *software development specialists; *lawyers.

      Among highly qualified specialists, Germany invites specialists from:

*underground works and construction of wells; *maintenance and installation of electrical circuits; *plumbing, heating and air conditioning;

*care for the elderly!!!!! THIS PROFESSION will immediately give you a job!!

      Other specialists will easily find work: *specialists in tax consulting; *physiotherapists; * occupational therapists; * speech therapists; *specialists who supervise the execution of underground and plumbing works, air conditioning. First of all, you can contact the Employment Agency in your region. There they will advise you and tell you what kind of work you can get. On the site you will find a job exchange (Jobbörse) where you can search for vacancies.

Special resources have also been created for Ukrainians, for example, monster.de, stepstone.de, jobbö rse.de, adzuna.de and Make-it-in-Germany.de. So you can take a look at them and search for the necessary vacancies. In addition, you can search for a job on Linkedin and Xing. To the novelties!