Higher education in Canada

Prestigious educational institutions in the country.

140,000 international students apply to study in Canada each year. Each Canadian institution offers specialized admissions preparation classes, the majority of which are free. In Canada, there are more than 150 colleges and more than 100 universities. It is important to note that college tuition is two times less expensive than university tuition while maintaining the same level of academic excellence.

Prestigious universities of Canada

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The University of Toronto is Canada's biggest and most distinguished university. There are 13 colleges there, covering anything from philology to medicine. Numerous rankings place the university first, alongside Harvard and Oxford. The University of Toronto is where stem cells and insulin were first identified. 

The University of Manitoba provides a wide range of academic degrees, including those in philosophy, architecture, design, agriculture, and other fields. But medical specializations take over the center stage. The official teaching languages are English and French. 

The largest technical college in Canada is Conestoga College, located in the province of Ontario. There are 120 higher education options available to students, including numerous humanities options (media, sociology, business). 5,000 of the 40,000 pupils are foreigners.

George Brown College has a management focus. The higher education institution offers 1,200 different professional courses in addition to 150 different higher education programs. English is used in education. 

The Art Institute of the City of Vancouver offers degrees in design, music, painting, fashion, cinematography, and even culinary arts. Every year, the university awards scholarships of $1,000 to $20,000 to more than half of the students.