How can a child be enrolled in a nursery in an EU nation?

Conditions for children's admission to daycare centers in several EU nations

Children up to 3 years old can be placed in nursery groups by Ukrainian refugees.

Families from Ukraine can receive childcare in nurseries on the same terms as Polish families. Additionally, they are eligible for benefits offered to Polish children, such as a 400 PLN premium for a crèche for the first and only kid.

Only state-run nurseries, or those that receive care from the state, are free. They are employed from 7 to 19. A youngster cannot be left alone for longer than nine hours. payed for private.

The official information web Empatia offers the complete list of nurseries. You can get a complete list of all the institutions in your city by selecting the province, county, and commune. However, check to discover if the daycare is public or private, or if a fee is required.

There are nurseries in kindergartens. as well as daycare facilities. Children as young as three can attend.

Parents should apply for a certificate at the Department of Social Protection of Youth in the municipality's city or capital. This certificate is known by a variety of names, including voucher. Then, you can use this coupon to register your child at one of the many child care facilities in the area. Explaining your unique circumstance to the kindergarten director can help you make your case for starting kindergarten as soon as feasible. A German-speaking companion should also be brought, both for application and registration. The majority of application materials are written in German, while Russian and Ukrainian are rarely spoken by institution leaders.

Public daycare centers in Hungary welcome children without fee. 20 weeks to 3 years of age. There is one need, though: the mother must submit a document of employment and a copy of the child's birth certificate to the local district administration.

Some public kindergartens provide nursery classes. You must make contact with the neighborhood district administration and submit an application to learn about openings.

Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic doesn't have any public daycare facilities. Only private; monthly fee starts at 300 euros. Children can start attending kindergarten as early as age 3. You must show proof of the child's and legal guardian's identification in order to enroll them in kindergarten. A visa can be used as identification documentation.

Nurseries are not a component of the social assistance or education systems in Slovakia. Municipalities only manage a small number of institutions; the rest are privately owned. The monthly cost for state nurseries begins at 200 euros, whereas private nurseries start at 300 euros. If there are openings in the institution, there is no cost for Ukrainian children.

The nursery welcomes infants as young as two months. State-free for refugees from Ukraine. You must get in touch with your local municipal hall if you want to register. Private care starts at 300 euros a month.