How to open a bank account in five minutes in Latvia and Estonia?

The world is becoming more digital! In Latvia and Estonia, Ukrainians can now open a bank account online.

Latvian bank Citadele has simplified the procedure for opening an account for Ukrainians: now, to open an account, it is not necessary to visit a bank branch - it can be done in the application.

How to open an account?

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Download Citadele Bank's official app for iOS or Android.

Take a selfie in the app.

Include a copy of your passport or other proof of identity.

Complete the form by providing the required personal information. Additionally, when receiving temporary protection, you will be required to provide the personal code provided by Latvia or Estonia.

You will be contacted by bank staff to get a copy of the residency permit received in Latvia or Estonia after completing the form and having the bank verify the information. We are discussing your interim defense. The card is available through mail.