In Estonia, the conditions for renewing the status of temporary protection have been announced

In order to apply for the extension of the status of temporary protection, a Ukrainian who has found asylum in the country must have a registered place of residence. Also have an official job, or be registered as unemployed. Children should go to school or kindergarten.

Another condition is that everyone who wants to renew their documents must go through an adaptation program. It consists of a one-day training on life in Estonia and a basic Estonian language course lasting 100 academic hours, which is approximately three months. At the end of the course, students will have a basic knowledge of Estonian and know how to describe the environment, talk about themselves and their family, ask and answer simple questions.


If all conditions are met, the status of temporary protection for Ukrainians will be extended for another year. Information on the extension of temporary protection status will be sent to the e-mail from the Department of Police and Border Guard. It is possible to ask for an extension of the status not before receiving such a letter.