In Poland, a medical center for Ukrainians was established

For Ukrainian patients being flown to Europe for treatment, a medical center has been established in Rzeszów, Poland.

The opening of the hub is the result of a collaboration between the European Commission and the health ministries of Poland and Ukraine. And is a component of a larger medical evacuation program that the European Union introduced in March 2022. Within the parameters of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, funding will be provided (UCPM).

The airport is close to the hub. This facility is unique and has the tools and personnel needed.

The center for medical evacuations should make it easier for medical professionals to care for ill and injured persons coming from Ukraine. Medical evacuation flights will carry patients from Rzeszów to nations where they receive additional treatment twice per week.

In order to guarantee the prompt evacuation of patients to hospitals throughout Europe, the Medical Evacuation Hub should play a crucial role.

Emergency medical care in Ukraine is being hampered by the conflict with Russia, while hospitals in Ukraine's neighbors are being overrun by the influx of people fleeing the conflict. The EU has started coordinating the flow of patients through its Civil Protection Mechanism to hospitals throughout Europe in an effort to reduce the strain on the healthcare systems in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, and Slovakia.

Since March 11, 18 European nations have received 1143 Ukrainian patients who need medical evacuation. The IOM and WHO will also provide assistance to the medical evacuation hub's work.