In Poland, Ukrainians are eligible for housing rental subsidies

Ukrainians who are visiting Poland temporarily and are unable to pay their rent may request assistance from the Polish government.

If you meet the requirements and have rented housing in the past or plan to do so, you may apply to take part in the program. The payment of administrative costs, utility bills, and rent can all be assisted by subsidies. If you own or rent real estate, you are eligible to apply for participation in the program. Evidence of the lease or ownership must be provided in writing.

Who is allowed to take part in the program?

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The program is only open to insolvent persons. If the applicant lives alone, his monthly gross income cannot be more than PLN 2,265.01. If a family is renting the property, one person's average monthly salary cannot be more than PLN 1,698.76. People who live together but are not related must abide by the same regulations. The previous three months' earnings are considered.

What are the payouts?

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Payments cannot total more than PLN 1,500 or 70% of the total rent. The subsidies will build up over a six-month period. The funds will be placed into the landlord's or tenant's account.

What documents are required?

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• A document attesting to the right to use real estate;

• A housing payment certificate;

• A three-month income certificate for each resident of the home or flat. 

In local self-government entities, applications are accepted and taken into consideration. The mayors and local leaders decide on all topics relating to subsidies.