In Romania, there are 600,000 refugees

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, more than 600,000 Ukrainians have entered Romania. The country was in second place after Poland in the number of people admitted from Ukraine

Six refugee centers

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In the country, six refugee centers have been established. Timisoara, Maramures, Suceava, Giurgiu, Tulcea, and Bucharest are among them. The Romanian government provides free housing to mothers from Ukraine who have orphans. Meals are served for free until the situation is resolved. In the future, central authorities will work with international organizations to find long-term housing solutions for displaced people. The problem of accommodating people is particularly addressed by the Un AcoperiČ™ web platform, which allows locals to offer to accommodate Ukrainian families and those in need of housing to leave a request for assistance.

Find housing on your own

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You can find accommodation on your own by joining the local volunteer group Uniti Pentru Ucraina on Facebook. Timisoara, one of Romania's largest cities, has a sizable volunteer community dedicated to assisting Ukrainians. They can also be reached for housing assistance by dialing +40356 993. Ukrainians who want and can afford to rent an apartment on their own must budget for the cost of living. A one-room apartment in the city center will cost around 1,240 lei (250 euros). A one-bedroom apartment away from the center costs around 1000 lei, or 190 euros. A three-room apartment in the center starts at 400 euros. A two-bedroom apartment with sleeping areas will cost at least 300 euros. Remember that housing in Romania's capital, Bucharest, will always be more expensive than in any other city, and utilities will cost you around 1,600 lei. We've also compiled a list of online services where you can find free housing. United for Ukraine is an information website for Ukrainians and refugees arriving in Europe.