Is it possible to get temporary asylum in several EU countries?

Temporary protection is a special shelter mechanism in the EU that was activated by the EU Directive for Ukrainians fleeing the war

Unlike the status of international protection, temporary protection provides a simplified and faster procedure for obtaining a residence permit in the EU for up to three years and immediate access to fundamental rights—employment, health care, social benefits, and more—after obtaining this permit.

90-day visa-free stay

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Ukrainians can legally stay on the territory of the European Union for 90 days under the visa-free regime. At the end of this period, Ukrainian citizens fleeing the conflict have the right to seek temporary asylum in any EU country. Furthermore, if you have not yet decided on a country or are traveling to your destination via other countries, you do not need to apply for protection immediately when crossing the border. A Ukrainian citizen, for example, can enter the EU through Poland but apply for temporary protection and a residence permit in Germany.

The EU guarantees temporary asylum in one of the countries

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Is it therefore possible to obtain temporary protection in multiple EU countries at the same time? There could be several reasons for this, such as someone rushing to get a permit in one country and then deciding to move to another, or someone simply wishing to receive social benefits from multiple countries. However, the principle of such shelter entails obtaining a residence permit and the rights that come with it—but only in one country. According to the European Commission, "Ukrainian citizens, as visa-free travelers, have the right to move freely within the European Union after entering its territory for 90 days. "On this basis, you can choose which Member State you want to enjoy temporary protection rights in and join your family and friends in the Member State where they are located." After a Member State grants you temporary protection, you are still allowed to travel within the European Union for up to 90 days in a 180-day period, but you can only use your temporary protection rights in the Member State that granted you temporary protection. You have a valid residency permit. On an individual basis, another Member State may issue you a different residence permit. The Directive on Temporary Protection applies to all EU Member States. As a result, the European Union guarantees Ukrainians temporary protection in one of its member states of their choice.

Temporary "second" protection

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However, granting temporary protection to Ukrainian citizens for the second time if it has already been granted in one of the EU member states is not prohibited by the EU. It's not surprising, given that the EU has no authority to prohibit it.

After all, temporary protection is a visa issued by each individual country, not the European Union. This means that the country you apply to has the authority to grant "second" temporary protection. According to a statement from the European Commission, this can be done on an individual basis.

As a result, if you have already received temporary protection in one of the EU countries and want to renew it in another, you should contact the embassies of the countries you intend to visit in the country where you will be staying. For example, if you have temporary protection in Poland but wish to apply for it in Italy, please contact the Italian Embassy in Poland for clarification. If you refuse, you will be able to travel to the same conditional Italy, but only for 90 days without a visa and will be unable to exercise the rights granted by the temporary protection.