Is it possible to leave Ukraine with an internal passport?

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In the first months of the war, Ukrainians could leave for neighboring countries with the documents they had in hand, that is, with "internal" passports. Such an agreement was connected with the emergency evacuation of our citizens.

What documents can you use to travel abroad now?

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"As before, the main document with which citizens of Ukraine have the right to cross the border is the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad, more simply - the foreign passport," explains Andrii Demchenko, press secretary of the State Security Service of Ukraine.


For children who have not reached the age of 16, travel outside of Ukraine is possible in the presence of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a birth certificate in the absence of a passport.


The department draws the attention of citizens: it is better to travel with a foreign passport, because this document may be needed for a stay abroad, which is determined by the legislation of the countries.