Italy. Conditions for Ukrainians

Temporary protection status, social benefits, medical assistance, work and education for children. All about helping Ukrainians who found refuge in Italy.

Temporary protection status

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Ukrainians living in Italy are eligible to apply for temporary protection, which can be extended for an additional three years. It offers accommodation, a permit to live there, and employment opportunities. You can also use it to open a straightforward bank account. The status registration procedure, however, may take up to 4 months. Additionally, you must inform the local authorities of your presence on the country's territory within eight days of your arrival. You should get in touch with the Police Commissariat/Headquarters about this.

Financial support

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Ukrainians who have been granted temporary refuge are eligible to receive 150 euros for each kid and 300 euros for each adult. Payments are computed over a three-month period.

You can speak with doctors at public hospitals at no cost after registering for temporary protection. The state continues to provide free emergency medical care, vaccinations, referrals for clinical examinations, and the distribution of necessary pharmaceuticals even if the status has not yet been formally recognized.

Ukrainians with the status of temporary protection are able to join the national job market, but the expert warns that it is now challenging to find work in Italy.