1.3 million people study the Ukrainian language.

"Good day!" Sounds around the world! Do not believe? Here are statistics from professionals! More than 1.3 million users in the world began to develop the Ukrainian language as a sign of solidarity. This is reported by the free online language learning platform Duolingo in the 2022 report, which was created on the database of more than 500 million students. "Interest in learning and using the Ukrainian language in crisis situations increased in the week after the start of the war, peaked at the end of March and remained stable until the end of 2022," the report says. The Ukrainian language has gained the most popularity in countries "far from the conflict" (Argentina, Japan and Vietnam), as well as among Ukraine's neighbors. Citizens of the country that hosts the largest number of Ukrainian refugees also learned Ukrainian. In the months after the invasion, the number of people learning Ukrainian increased by 1,651% compared to last year in Germany, by 1,615% in Poland, and by 1,515% in the Czech Republic. To be continued!