Material assistance to Ukrainians in Georgia

The new UKR CASH TRANSFER Financial Support Program for Ukrainians in Georgia was started by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the nonprofit ASB-SSK-UniteTogether.

The initiative is already in place and is aimed towards Ukrainian residents of Georgia who fall under one of the categories for vulnerable populations.

Who can get help?

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The program's available funding is constrained. Consequently, it is intended to assist 2,400 Ukrainians. Priority categories of vulnerability are supplied and they arrived after the start of a full-scale war, allowing for the precise identification of those families in need of assistance. 

Get assistance if: 

There is a disabled member in your family. 

people that are above 60 

There are at least three kids in the family. 

single-parent households without a stable source of income.

How to apply?

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Fill out the form found at the website to request financial aid. Registers all family members who are currently in Georgia and are qualified for assistance. Completed by one family representative. October forms will be taken into consideration for payouts in November. The opportunity to submit a questionnaire will be available throughout the duration of the Program. 

A member of the organization will be in touch with you after you complete the form to confirm the information. You might receive a personal invitation to a meeting at work. Additionally, at your residence. Your information will be transferred for payment crediting following the 2-week verification process.

What is the payout amount?

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You can receive 6 payments of 236 GEL - that's 86 euros for each family member. The money will be paid until February 2023. Only those Ukrainians who will live in Georgia from October 2022 to March 2023 can apply for assistance. To receive payments, it is necessary to undergo a monthly physical verification.