Mini-project "Think! Speak! Do!" in Germany

Attending integration classes allows students who are already residing in Germany to work on small projects with the rest of their class.

They will study new words and phrases in a placed setting

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Participate in the Scientific Year 2022! Within the scope of the project "Think! Speak! Do!" the Federal Ministry of Education and Science Goethe-Institut provides mini-projects for students in integration classes. Here, students can actively participate in experiments and study three distinct subjects. In a relaxed setting with qualified, experienced teachers by their sides, they experiment, investigate diverse relationships, and discover new words and expressions. 

The integration classes (extra training classes, language courses, etc.) that students who are already studying in Germany attend can involve them in class mini-projects. The project team can meet with integration class instructors, and after that, trained teachers will visit your school with the project! 

Meetings are scheduled in advance. 

Money: none 

Possible language proficiency level: A2