Minijob for Ukrainians in Germany. What it is?

With the Minijob model, you can get assistance, a temporary job, and even avoid paying insurance payments all at once. What is it, then, and how does it interest refugees?

When it comes to work offers for Ukrainian immigrants to Germany, the term "Minijob" appears rather frequently. Many of them frequently hear this phrase, but they are unsure of whether or not this offer is profitable.

The so-called minimum employment is a minijob or temporary work. The first scenario calls for a maximum monthly wage of 450 euros. Or to not earn more than 5,400 euros per year. That is, there won't be any issues even if it comes out to be more than 450 per location but still fits within the annual amount. Then, it is known as a Minijob.

What tax is payable while using Minijob?

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Generally speaking, this structure offers the same social guarantees as normal employment. However, it is also permitted as your employer will pay 2% of your wage in taxes. Additionally, money for social insurance is not subtracted. Therefore, this is a very advantageous choice for many German citizens, especially for Ukrainian migrants.

And what will happen with social assistance?

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Expect changes in social assistance even with this employment alternative.

Specifically, those Ukrainians who already receive aid continue to have the freedom to work. To account for the additional income, the aid amount will be revised. The wage rate and only one-fourth of the monthly salary will be excluded from the computations. A five and a half euro bill. In other words, if the monthly pay is 450 euros, the benefit will be 322 euros lower.

Should I purchase health insurance?

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You are not required to pay insurance if you work with Minijob. Employer alone provides his contribution. However, everyone is required to have health insurance in Germany by law. As a result, you ought to search for alternative insurance options. It is best to clarify your query with the Jobcentre staff if it relates to a Ukrainian refugee.

By visiting portals with offers or the Federal Employment Agency's database, you can find a Minijob.