Must try!

How can you withdraw money in Poland without an ATM?

* If you have Mastercard or Visa cards, you can withdraw money at ┼╗abka, POLOMarket, Freshmarket, Dino, Carrefour, Hebe, Decathlon, Twój Market, Krakowski Kredens, Saturn, Media Markt, Neonet, RTV Euro AGD and Ruch kiosks.

* To do this, you need to make a purchase there, at least for PLN 1, and tell the cashier that you want to withdraw cash.

* After that, you will need to insert the card into the terminal, enter the amount and confirm the transaction with a pin code. The cashier will give you the amount you need from the store register * of course, if there is the right amount of money there.

* You can withdraw 1,000 zlotys at a time with Mastercard cards, and 300 zlotys with Visa cards. But, but! You can do the action several times during the day!

* Suddenly, there are no ATMs or the above-mentioned stores, so you can withdraw food in the same way at BP (British Petroleum) or Orlen gas stations. Success!