New prices for travel in Germany

In Germany, new rules and prices for fares in public transport have been adopted.

New fare in Germany

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Ukrainians who found refuge in Germany could previously buy a ticket for €9. These were discounted tickets and such a special offer ended in September. Currently, the German government has set a new single ticket price of €49.

Today, the price of a discount ticket for Ukrainians in Berlin with a Berliner Pass is €28.50.

How long will the new travel card be valid?

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The €49 ticket will be valid for a month, but passengers will be able to cancel the travel subscription at any time. The ticket will be valid for all public transport, except for IC, ICE high-speed trains.

When will the new ticket be valid?

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Discussions on all technical issues have already been completed, so the government plans to introduce a new nationwide €49 ticket from January 1, 2023. The new "€49 tickets" will be financed by the federal government, allocating €1.5 billion per year. However, Berlin considers the price of 49 euros too high and plans to develop its strategy to simplify the purchase of tickets.