Nostrification Poland.

Is it necessary or not??

Nostrification of a diploma in Poland: how to confirm qualifications? In order to continue studying or working in Poland, Ukrainians need to go through the procedure of nostrification or confirmation of a Ukrainian diploma of education. Who does not need nostrification? Currently, there are only two cases when confirmation of the diploma is not required: • the bachelor's degree was obtained in Ukraine, and you plan to finish the master's degree in Poland; • the applicant will enter postgraduate studies in Poland according to the targeted direction. In all other cases, Ukrainian educational certificates are subject to the nostrification procedure. How to go through the document recognition procedure? Nostrification is the process of state recognition of educational documents (certificates and diplomas) obtained in other countries. In order to recognize a diploma in Poland at the first stage, it is necessary to apply to the Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego and submit the following documents, according to the list: • application for recognition of the diploma;

• the original and a copy of the diploma, as well as its appendices; • a translation of the diploma and appendices, which was certified by the consulate or by a sworn translator. It is preferable to send the documents by mail, registered letter to the following address: Departament Wsoplacry Międzynarodowej Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego, ul. Wspólna 3, 00-529 Warszawa. Good luck!