One of the airports in Ukraine might soon be operating again.

Because the airport's runway begins abroad, operations might begin as soon as a month or two from now.

On the western edge of the city is where you'll find Uzhhorod Airport. The runway at this airport is 2038 meters long and 40 meters wide. It is distinctive in that aircraft depart from and land in Slovak airspace (the border is 100 m from the beginning of the runway).

Since 2010, the airport has only had one carrier operating flights. The State Migration Service then gave the possibility of having this airport serve both Slovakia and Ukraine at once some thought. The Uzhhorod airport started operating regular flights again in 2019, which had been suspended since the summer of 2016. The WindRose airline began offering regular service between Uzhhorod and Kiev in 2021.

At a joint press conference with his Slovak colleague in May 2021, the head of the cabinet of ministers declared that Slovakia will permit Ukraine to utilize its airspace.

"We decided to make the most of our transit potential. Our nations have completed the steps necessary for the agreement on the Uzhhorod airport to enter into force "announced Ukraine's prime minister on May 28, 2021.

The Transcarpathian Regional Council meeting in July 2022 saw local representatives allocate UAH 26 million towards the Uzhhorod airport. The runway that starts overseas, which used to be an airport negative, has changed into a plus, according to the head of the Transcarpathian Regional Council.

"According to the head of the Zakarpattia Regional Council, $26 million has been set aside so that we can build a sizable, distinctive, and possibly the most significant airport in the nation. Because the runway starts in Slovakia and finishes in Slovakia, this airport is the only one in Ukraine that can handle passenger transit ". He clarified that the plane takes off directly into the European Union's airspace rather than the Ukraine's, which is now closed due to the ongoing conflict.

The leader of the regional council is certain, "which is why I am sure that our Ukrainian airlines, those established in Europe today, will fly from us in the direction of Vienna, in the direction, if required, of Prague, and Munich."