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Assistance in managing a case and approving childbirth in the Netherlands in details

Group online meetings

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In July, the Centering Pregnancy online center is holding online group meetings with willing pregnant women from Ukraine who have recently arrived in the Netherlands.

Purpose: to help understand and support the specifics of managing and accepting childbirth in the Netherlands.

Expectant mothers can learn more about how pregnancy and childbirth are viewed in the Netherlands, meet other pregnant women, and speak with medical professionals who can support them and their families in their native language. They can also get answers to questions about legal aspects, immunizations, mental health, and other topics.

The cost of participation is waived. Groups started to form around July (up to 12 participants in a group).

How to register and more information for links, search in social networks: Please note that such help does not replace direct contact with a midwife and is additional.