Presentation of avant-garde jazz musical by Les Kurbas?

New York!

Les Kurbas' avant-garde jazz musical about Kharkiv was presented in the USA!! The first premiere of the jazz revue "Hello, on the wave of 477!" took place in January 1929 on the Kharkiv stage. Last year, for the 100th anniversary of Kharkiv's Kurbas Theater "Berezil", the play was to be staged again. The first rehearsals were planned to begin in March, but they had to be postponed due to the beginning of a full-scale invasion. Then the American director, writer and researcher of Lesya Kurbas's work, Virlyana Tkach, offered to stage an exhibition in New York. The play premiered on March 12. The guests of the event were vocalist of the band "Gogol Bordello" Eugene Hudz, historian Timothy Snyder and American poet Reginald Dwayne Betts, and Ukrainian writer Serhiy Zhadan, who wrote poems for the musical.