Rules for importing personal belongings and goods to Ukraine

Customs officials' explanation of what can be imported from overseas and in what quantities.

Ukrainian refugees are returning home

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After finding temporary sanctuary overseas, a large number of Ukrainian families return home. 

Despite the fact that the contents of the baggage may drastically increase after several months away from home and even during changing seasons, individuals were reminded of some regulations for bringing commodities and personal items into Ukraine. 

It is stressed that personal items carried by citizens in hand luggage, accompanied and unaccompanied baggage are excluded from official control measures and are not subject to customs fees. Personal property is typically not declared in writing. A citizen may, however, if he so chooses. In addition, if a customs official requests one, a formal declaration must be provided.

Article 370 of the Ukrainian Customs Code provides a list of the commodities that citizens may include in their personal property. 

Clothing, underwear, and shoes that are strictly personal in nature, intended only for individual use, and show signs of use; personal hygiene items and individual cosmetics in an amount sufficient to cover one person's needs for the duration of the trip; 0.5 liters of toilet water and/or 100 grams of perfume; ordinary and/or strollers; cellular (mobile) phones in an amount of no more than two pieces; and pagers with a combined weight of no more than 10 pounds.