Even closer!

Will Ukraine and Poland be connected by a high-speed railway? So!!! The Polish company "Central Port of Communication" and Ukrzaliznytsia signed a cooperation agreement, which provides for the development of new cross-border connections according to European standards. It is, in particular, about the construction of a high-speed railway track of the European standard of 1435 mm on the Warsaw-Lviv-Kyiv route (the first stage to Lviv, and then to Kyiv), with an estimated maximum working speed of 250 km/h. Ukrzaliznytsia announced that the construction of a high-speed railway from Poland to Lviv could take up to 5 years. "The feasibility study will take up to 2 years. Construction - 3-5 years to Lviv. Depending on the options, if the existing tracks are transferred, the deadlines can be significantly shortened," said the director of the International Projects Office of Ukrzaliznytsia. We are waiting!