Temporary protection: automatically * not automatically?!

Continuation of action

More than 4 million people have already received temporary protection in EU countries. The directive had a positive impact on countries, giving the opportunity to quickly legalize such a large number of people, so its effect is extended in 2023. Some countries last year gave temporary protection for 2 years at once, and some extend it until March 4, 2024 automatically. Countries in which you need to make an appointment at the relevant institution and re-submit the documents in order to renew the temporary protection permit: Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Iceland, Sweden, Bulgaria and Malta. Countries in which temporary protection is extended automatically: Austria, Belgium, Slovakia, Norway, Finland, Hungary, Latvia (it is only necessary to renew the permit again to travel abroad), Switzerland. Also, in addition to Europe, protection programs for Ukrainians were continued in other countries. The USA, New Zealand and Georgia have extended the term of protection of Ukrainians until March 2024. Thank you to everyone!