The amount of payments for Ukrainians will change in the Netherlands

The Dutch government has changed the amount of payments for refugees from Ukraine who are not working. The new amounts will start to be paid from December 1.

The changes will take place in two stages. The first one will start in early December.

What are the payouts now?

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Ukrainians who received temporary protection in the Netherlands receive 260 euros per adult and per child. Of this money, 205 euros should be spent on food, and 55 euros should be spent on clothes and other personal items.

Municipalities can pay Ukrainians the full amount, but can also keep part of the money as payment for food or clothing and other personal items. Thus, those living in the center for displaced persons receive three meals a day there. Therefore, the municipality can only pay 55 euros per month.

For Ukrainians living in the family, 260 euros are also paid.

What changes to expect?

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From December 1, the amount of payments for clothing and personal items will increase to 56.12 euros per person.

From February 1, several changes are planned at once:

• financial assistance to reimburse host families is changing: now EUR 93 per person per month will be allocated. This amount will be the same for adults and children. Currently, this assistance amounts to 215 euros per month for adults, 55 for minors. That is, a family of a mother and two children now receives 325 euros to cover utilities, and from February 1 their payment will be 279 euros.

• A scale according to the size of the family will be applied to cash payments for food.

That is, the larger the family, the smaller the monthly food component per person. Specific amounts are not yet available on the government's website. Currently, 205 euros per person is paid for meals.

• The monthly family allowance can be stopped if an adult family member receives income from work or benefits, such as unemployment or disability benefits.

Payments continue every three months. Currently, the money must be paid by the end of 2022.