The difference between a national and an international driver's license

Driver's license difference.

Forced to leave the country? By car? Catch driver's license information! The Ministry of Internal Affairs provides an explanation of the difference between a national driver's license and an international driver's license. These are two different documents! The national driver's license is issued after passing the exams. An international one is actually a translation into several languages ​​of information on a national driver's license, it is issued in addition to it and is not valid separately from the national driver's license. Is it necessary to exchange the "old" national driver's license for a new one? You only need to exchange your national driver's license if you intend to travel abroad and your driver's license does not comply with the international convention. For example, it does not contain an expiration date or expiration date.

As for the international driver's license, it is necessary to obtain it for departure to the countries that are signatories of the Geneva Convention, in particular, Australia, Japan, the USA, India. And it is issued on the basis of a national one, for 3 years (it has the form of a paper book).