The EU extended temporary protection for Ukrainians

The European Commission decided to extend the directive on the temporary protection of Ukrainians fleeing the war until at least March 2024.

The temporary protection was extended until March 2024

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Prior to March 2023, Ukrainians were granted temporary protection. Its validity has now been increased by one more year. The European Commission reaffirmed the significance of continuing to welcome people who must flee to the European Union. ever since Russia's assault of Ukraine began. For the first time ever and in record time, the EU turned the Temporary Protection Directive on. This document has already been given to the 4.5 million Ukrainians living in the EU. With it, people are granted free access to healthcare, education, and employment rights in the host nation.

It is not necessary to restore the status after trips to Ukraine

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Additionally, the European Commission made changes for refugees who spend a lot of time in Ukraine but may again be required to apply for asylum on EU territory. A long-term absence of this kind typically robs a person of their position. An exception to this norm will be made for Ukrainians in light of recent events. For example, going forward, the temporary protection is maintained; there is no longer a requirement to re-register after returning. The only thing you can do is let the authorities in the host country know that you're going back to Ukraine. It is not required to send back the temporary protection card, though.