The Family 500+ program is available to Ukrainians in Poland

Ukrainians with children in Poland can participate in the Family 500+ program and receive additional assistance.

Family 500+ is a demographic support program in Poland, under which each family can receive a subsidy of PLN 500 per month for each child in the family. In this way, the Polish authorities want to show additional concern for the most vulnerable and those in need of assistance who arrived in the country after February 24.

Who can participate in the program?

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• parents of a child under the age of 18;

• Ukrainians who arrived in Poland after February 24 and have children;

• you need to have an account in a Polish bank.

How to apply for assistance?

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The application can be submitted in person at ZUS institutions. Employees there will help you create a personal profile on the ZUS e-services platform (PUE ZUS) and submit an application for assistance.

To submit an electronic application for participation in the program, a citizen of Ukraine must have a PESEL (Polish analogue of the identification code), a bank account in Poland and a Polish telephone number.

Questions for clarifying information about benefits for families can be sent to the mailbox


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Even if one of the parents was already in Poland before February 24, and the child remained in Ukraine and arrived after the start of the full-scale war, such a family is also entitled to receive assistance under the Family 500+ program.

Who allocates funds for the participation of Ukrainian refugees?

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The international organization UNICEF allocated almost 100 million zlotys for payments to refugees from Ukraine until the end of the year. The corresponding document was signed by the Minister of Family and Social Policy of Poland, as well as the National Coordinator of the UNICEF Crisis Response Office in Poland.