The process of adaptation to new conditions

How can I adjust psychologically to my new home country?

The process of adapting to new circumstances is fluid. I'll go over the five-stage adaption strategy in detail. Simply put, they are good, worse, awful, better, and good. Let's discuss each of these phases one at a time.

Okay, so there is an emotional uplift, zeal, spiritual renewal, and great expectations. Finally, a feeling of independence, support, and security. It's critical to conserve energy and resources right now. Learn a new place slowly.

Worse: uneasy feeling, miscommunication with neighbors, and rejection by them. * Culture shock Confusion, desire, and disillusionment may result from this. There is a growing sense of loss. At this point, one should watch the locals, learn the laws, manners, traditions, and language, and try to communicate with people outside of one's own nation, if possible. to research the unique customs and laws of the region. It's crucial to help yourself and to thank those who are there for you.

A lack of improvement may be perceived at this point, and craving may worsen. You're perplexed. What needs to be done? Being involved in external activities is crucial, and at this time, the host community's support and assistance with adaptation are crucial. Dating and employment participation. It's necessary to take stock of one's own abilities and knowledge; to physically list what I know how to do and what I can do. It's crucial to offer assistance, accept assistance, and demonstrate appreciation.

Improvement: There is a chance to change the course of events, and confidence has returned. You experience optimism and a sense of fulfillment. It's critical to document any victories. Plan accordingly.


We feel secure and aware of our resources and abilities at this point. We create and carry out future-oriented plans.

I'll define "culture shock" for you. An anthropologist from America coined this phrase. A person's sensory, symbolic, verbal, and non-verbal systems are shut off when they are placed in unfamiliar circumstances. Anxiety and panic are brought on when I am unable to comprehend what they are asking of me, how to plan my life, or how to manage and predict the behavior of others. This continues until we investigate the quirks and "cultural code" of others, discover their customs, and establish better ties with the local populace.

As a result, it is crucial to interact with others as soon as the strength manifests. Learn as much as you can about the area, the locals, their culture, the language, and their history and traditions.

to maintain a sense of your culture and identity while showing respect for the country you are visiting. This is why it's crucial to get books in your original tongue, as well as perhaps a collection of songs and fairy tales.

This is what will provide a sense of support and assist build a bridge between inner and outside realities.