Transportation and funding declaration

At the start of the full-fledged war, Ukrainians rushed to withdraw their hryvnias and convert them into foreign currency. Those planning to travel abroad must now consider how much money can be transported abroad and what amounts must be declared

Export of currency and bank metals

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One person is permitted to move cash and bank metals freely, i.e., without declaration, up to the equivalent of 10,000 euros. The hryvnia, foreign currency (dollars, euros, pounds, etc.), bank gold, silver, and so on are examples of these. If you have more than 10,000 euros or bank metals with you, you must ensure that they are declared in writing during customs control. Also required at the border are the following documents: a certificate of cash withdrawal, a currency receipt, and a certificate of purchase of bank metals.

Credit cards

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When leaving Ukraine, no confirmation is required if the funds are kept in bank accounts. In this case, the amount has no bearing. However, we remind you that Master Card, Visa, and other cards at this level are available in the EU. There are also some valid nuances. Outside of Ukraine, Privatbank cards are automatically valid. Furthermore, you must request permission to use Raiffeisen Bank cards abroad. This is simple to accomplish by dialing the hotline. However, it should be noted that even after the war begins, the cards that have already been activated continue to function.

There is no need to be concerned when paying with a credit card! The interbank rate is always much better, which means you will spend less than if you changed currencies! In relation to the exchange, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that exchange offices are frequently found in shopping malls, supermarkets, and hypermarkets.

Hryvnia exports to other countries

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Ukrainians who have traveled abroad with large sums of hryvnia cash are currently having difficulty using it. Because it is extremely difficult to exchange hryvnia abroad at a reasonable exchange rate, most transactions can be completed at state-owned banks. And the hryvnia can not be returned to a Ukrainian bank, on a card, or outside the country. In this regard, the National Bank of Ukraine advises Ukrainians not to withdraw cash hryvnia, but rather to deposit it in their Ukrainian card accounts.