Validity of Ukrainian documents abroad

Possibility of extending or restoring Ukrainian documents' legal status abroad.

People who hastily fled the country in the early stages of the war with their children ran into the issue of needing appropriate identification in order to access specific services in EU nations. To assist Ukrainian migrants retrieve their documents, unprecedented actions were taken by the government, the ministry of internal affairs, and the ministry of internal affairs. A representative office of the migration service run by the Dokument State Enterprise began operations in Warsaw on June 29 of this year, initially in mobile buses and now in permanent centers.

The first area where the migration service has a presence is Poland. The documents state that individuals travel even from other EU nations. In just two months, more than 25,000 documents were produced. Since registration opens two to three months in advance, it is difficult to sign up in the electronic line. Due to the high demand, representative offices for the migration service were afterwards established in three additional Polish cities: Wroclaw, Gdansk, and Krakow. The service's representation will be further increased on the soil of Turkey, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' approval.