Veszprém, happened!

We are getting ready!

In Hungary, Veszprém is known for its music festivals, from classical and choral music to jazz. The city can boast and reach local sports teams - handball players from the "Veszprém" CC have twice become finalists of the Champions League. In other words, music and sports will set the tone in the cultural capital of Veszprém. And after visiting one of the many small and cozy restaurants or cafes, guests of the city can fully appreciate the local cuisine and wines from the vineyards on the northern shore of the picturesque Lake Balaton, located a few kilometers from Veszprém. On January 21, the day of the official opening of the year of the cultural capital, a big celebration called "Veszprém-Balaton 2023" took place in the city. "The cultural capital is a search for cultural answers to the challenges of the times," said the mayor of Veszprem, Dyula Porga, in an interview with journalists. We are preparing and waiting!