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Berlin supports you and your children with numerous offers

Berlin supports you and your children with numerous offers:

If you wish, your small children can be looked after in a kindergarten. Here they can play and learn together with other children. In kindergarten, you will find new friends and quickly learn German. This prepares children well for going to school later.

If your child is at least 6 years old, they must attend school. We support you in finding a suitable educational institution. While your child does not yet speak German, he will first attend a welcome class to acquire language skills. After that, they will move into a regular classroom and participate in regular activities and everyday school life. There are now more than 530 welcome classes with qualified teachers teaching more than 5,700 students.

Berlin universities offer a wide range of counseling services. There you will receive information about study programs and requirements for starting or continuing studies.


  • language courses
  • Qualification of educational personnel
  • Strengthening of school psychological services
  • School social work
  • Leisure schools
  • Cultural and sports offers