Where to buy tickets?

What is known about PKP Intercity??

What is known about PKP Intercity?? Oh, it is the largest Polish railway operator, providing connections between major cities and popular tourist centers in Poland, as well as allowing you to travel around Europe. In 2022, almost 60 million passengers used the carrier's services. Where will PKP Intercity train tickets be sold?? The new agent ticket sales formula is addressed to companies that have their own or partner distribution network of goods or services. Also among the conditions is to have at least 50 stationary points and experience in selling services of third-party organizations. Therefore, in the future, tickets for PKP Intercity trains will be available at the nearest newsstand, in a chain of grocery stores, at gas stations or even in hotels. And, of course, at railway ticket offices. For selected partners, this is an opportunity to sell tickets of a carrier whose popularity is constantly growing, on clear and attractive terms. It's up to you!