Who and where, ours?

The number of migrants

Europe does not rule out a new influx of Ukrainian migrants.

Among the EU countries, the largest number of people-who-have-been-forced-to-leave-the-Motherland from Ukraine is in Poland. The second and third places are occupied by Germany and the Czech Republic. In European countries, the number of citizens who left the country due to a large-scale invasion and ATTENTION! who are registered as refugees, reaches more than 4.75 million people. This is discussed in the report of the UN Refugee Agency. It is clarified that the special status was granted to 4,751,065 citizens of Ukraine. The organization also added that the statistical data is mainly based on information provided by the authorities of European countries at various levels. At the moment, these are data as of November 22, 2022, since the update is always carried out on Wednesdays. It should be noted that a large number of migrants have found asylum : in Italy, Spain, Great Britain, France and Austria. These are the new nomads!